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To celebrate the first Lunar year of ThinkWine, we are offering discount on a wide range of Take Away Wines that were imported directly from France.


Our Story

The Birth of ThinkWine

Jean-Benoit and Romain arrived in Hong Kong in October 2016, two days apart from each other. Total strangers at the time, they met each other on the comptoir at a wine bar, drinking by themselves.

They made quick friends once they started to talk and to share their bottles.

They played blind tasting and spoke passionately about their love for wines.

Soon they started their tradition of blind tasting catch-up every week, only to

find that there really isn’t many good wine bars in Hong Kong. They realised

that even though there are plenty of bars, but a well located, wine-focused place offering quality selection, comfortable ambiance while being reasonably priced

is next to non-existent.

In a market booming with ever-growing wine consumption, and being

seasoned sommeliers themselves, why not to start their own wine bar?

And this is how the idea of ThinkWine came to life…

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